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Viridi Funds 2021 Crypto Mining Report: Industry Updates, Trends, and Projections

Viridi Funds dives into the unique and growing industry of crypto mining, offering a clear and concise way to understand the companies securing the Bitcoin network.

Publicly listed crypto mining companies have had an exciting year in 2021 with record revenues and margins for operators in the space. Key events including the ban on cryptocurrency mining from China have bolstered the North American crypto mining industry and have offered an innovative investment opportunity for crypto asset exposure. In this paper, Viridi Funds examines the current state of the industry and explores the key trends and projections for 2022.


green energy crypto mining

Viridi Fund’s RIGZ Mining ETF Reaches AUM Milestone of $10 Million

Registered Investment Advisor Bolsters Team with Addition of Cameron Collins as Investment Analyst
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RIGZ ETF Stock & Crypto Mining Investing

Viridi Funds Launches $RIGZ

Actively Managed ETF Serves as the First Clean Energy Crypto Mining Product in the United States
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coinshares investing in viridi funds

CoinShares Announces Strategic Investment in Viridi Funds, an ESG Focused Financial Products Manager

CoinShares takes on an advisory role with Viridi ahead of the ESG Focused Crypto Mining product launch.
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