Clean Energy

Clean Energy investing offers a way for investors to support companies that reflect their values. According to Morningstar, in 2020 alone Environmental, Social, and Governance focused investing captured $51.1 billion in net growth, more than twice the previous record set in 2019. Investors are looking for more ways to support their beliefs through their ownership of stock and Viridi offers an opportunity to prioritize clean energy investing.

Viridi believes that Clean Energy investing offers investors an opportunity to push companies to be more ethical and sustainable in their operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clean Energy?

Why does Clean Energy matter?

Clean Energy, also known as renewable energy, is energy that is collected from naturally reusable and replenishable sources. Common energy sources that are referred to as clean energy include, solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal power. Due to the large amount of energy usage that the crypto mining industry consumes, Viridi believes it is an important and necessary step to prioritize the usage of clean energy.

By utilizing renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, society has a lower output of green house gas emissions associated with the high use of fossil fuels. Reducing the impact of fossil fuels will likely help our planet with the increasingly large implications of climate change. Viridi believes that having companies source clean energy instead of fossil fuels can deliver significant change over time.

How can Viridi create tangible change?

When management teams at companies have votes that include shareholders, Viridi intends to support decisions that help push a company to become more ethical and sustainable. As a result, investing in a Clean Energy focused fund can help ensure that your shareholder rights are utilized to create positive environmental change for companies.

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